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Professional Training in Mindfulness & Meditation

The Mind Training Company was set up to provide simple and effective training and mentoring in the techniques of Mindfulness and Meditation. 

Over the past 20 years, as Buddhist philosophy has been adopted throughout the developed world, secular society and the scientific community have analysed and evaluated Buddhist techniques of meditation and found a great deal of benefit results from its practice, specifically from the core preparatory practice of Mindfulness.

As an antidote to the stress and strain of modern living, the practice of Mindfulness is proving to be of unparalleled benefit, to individuals and increasingly to businesses.

As seasoned meditators and practicing Buddhists, our goal is to make these foundation practices available in a form which simple to understand and practice. Mindfulness can be subtle and frustrating, our minds are pre-disposed to noise and activity, and finding stillness and clarity can be challenging. In these conditions you need a trusted guide and mentor. 

Brian Anderson Founder & Trainer
Training in Mindfulness

More About Us

Our Mission

To positively enhance the life experience and performance of our students through effective Mindfulness training and mentoring.

Our Philosophy

To accurately translate traditional Mindfulness and Meditation training instruction into effective secular training and coaching.

Our Vision

To become the trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking reliable and authentic mindfulness and meditation training.

The Mind Training Company provides authentic training
in Mindfulness directly from the Buddhist tradition.


Why Choose Us

Authentic Teachers

Many of our trainers are ex monks and nuns in the Buddhist tradition

Buddhist Roots

Our techniques are rooted in Tibetan Buddhist instruction

Ongoing Support

Our trainers are coaches and mentors on your journey

Online Training

Training courses takes place online though offline is possible

Business Solutions

Simple and effective training for your staff and colleagues

Secular Language

Easy to understand and learn, with just a little jargon

Tailored Training

Tailored to your schedule, experience and  requirements

Gradual Approach

Slow and steady learning is the way to gain genuine expertise


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