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Small Group Coaching

Our group training is designed for small groups of friends or family, who are able to commit to undertaking the training as a team. Our syllabus for small group training is standard, in that we set the foundations in theory and provide guidance and mentoring in learning and developing the mindfulness practice itself. The principal difference being that the training is only generally customised to group interests.

There are 3 courses, and 4 sessions per course, each session lasing 60 minutes. 

Group Interests

The topics can be tailored to suit any specific group interests you may have, though based on the standard syllabus. In order to maintain a degree of personal attention, and offer sufficient time for team feedback and dialogue, we limit the groups to a maximum of 6 participants. This allows each member to provide personal experience to the trainer and team and benefit from relevant guidance.

A Gradual Syllabus

The group training follows a standard syllabus, each session building on lessons learned and experiences reviewed from the previous session. 

Beginning with a simple theory of how we come to be so distracted, where happiness and satisfaction can be so fleeting, we move into the various practices and approaches designed to bring order, clarity and ease to the mind.

Practice Benefits

Small Group Courses & Sessions

30 mins

Get in touch to arrange a free introductory call to meet the trainer, learn about the small group training and have your questions answered. We will review the coaching modules and outline the basic techniques and practice requirements, in a 30 minute call.


Small Group Rates per Course

2 Attendees
per course
$200 per person
3 Attendees
per course
$180 per person
4 Attendees
per course
$160 per person
5 Attendees
per course
$140 per person
6 Attendees
per course
$120 per person

Learn more about our training and coaching with a free introductory session. Drop us a a line for a chat.