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Executive Coaching

Leading and developing a modern business places unique demands on executives, founders and innovators. From a fail-fast mindset demanding rapid change management, to developing strategies in an increasingly complex landscape driven by user preference, the signature of the business landscape is now change and agility. The skills required to harness and guide these forces likewise requires adaptability and deep comfort with change and transformation. The practice of Mindfulness can develop mental and emotional stamina and agility, allowing the practitioner to maintain focus and a larger context in the midst of the hectic demands of detailed decision making.

There are 3 courses, and 4 sessions per course, each session lasing 60 minutes. 

Mindfulness for Complexity

Simple solutions in business are rare in these days of complexity and speed, and those who are tasked with planning, directing and managing in the modern business world have great need for tools to support them personally.

Managing and pivoting for change requires a calm and objective mind and forbearance in the face of continual challenge, and mindfulness offers a route to developing these skills.

Managing Stress

The personal impact of a high stress work life cannot be underestimated, and we must all take precaution to find balance and and perspective. In addition to the necessity of balancing working responsibilities with a personal and family life, we can augment our living with tools which bring a greater capacity for enjoyment, patience and tranquility in all circumstances.

Practice Benefits

Executive Courses & Rates

30 mins

Get in touch to arrange a free introductory call to meet the trainer, learn about the executive training and have your questions answered. We will review the coaching modules and outline the basic techniques and practice requirements, in a 30 minute call.

Course 1
Foundations of Mindfulness
60 mins / session
$360/ course

The Foundations programme is designed to provide a simple and effective introduction to the practice and theory of Mindfulness meditation. With a focus on practical experience, our goal is to establish you in a simple and effective daily routine of formal Mindfulness practice. 

There are 4 sessions in the one-to-one foundations training, each is 60 minutes long. Generally we schedule 1 session per week, making the course 1 month in duration. 

The executive program does allow additional flexibility for schedule changes.

Course 2
Advancing in Mindfulness
60 mins / session
$360/ course

The Advancing programme supports those who have completed the foundations course and would like to continue receiving practical direction and guidance ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the Mindfulness training received. We recommend this extension program to all students who are relatively new to Mindfulness, as a means to ensure they get as much from the training as possible, providing the support needed to establish a routine daily practice.

There are 4 sessions in the one-to-one Advancing in Mindfulness training, each is 60 minutes long. Generally we schedule 1 session per week, making the course 1 month in duration, thought this can sometimes be extended to fortnightly courses, last a total of 2 months.


Course 3
Mindful Living and Working
60 mins / session
$360/ course

The Mindful Living Course provides ongoing guidance and mentoring for any practitioners who would benefit from long term support in their practice of mindfulness. The syllabus is open ended and is responsive to the student challenges, needs, questions and specific interests.

The mindful living coaching and mentoring offers a monthly session over 4 months.

The following session syllabus is offered as a general outline only.



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