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Corporate Training

Mindfulness and meditation classes for business, corporations and other organisations. Our training can be provided to small groups of staff, managers or executives as a means to enhance focus, improve team relationships, and manage stress. We work around your schedules to provide a full syllabus of training and mentoring, on a weekly or monthly basis, for groups of up to 10 per course.

There are 3 courses, and 4 sessions per course, each session lasing 60 minutes. 

Your Business Needs

The long term success of any business relies on motivated and contented staff, yet we invest so little in our emotional health and mental acuity. By providing ongoing life stills training, such as Mindfulness and Meditation coaching, you are laying the groundwork for a positive and emotionally supportive workplace for you and your workforce. 

Ongoing Support & Training

The business training is recommended as a longer term solution, providing mentoring over a longer duration as the means of establishing the benefits of increased mental acuity, increased calm and forbearance, and more generally focused and enjoyable workplace.

Practice Benefits

Business Courses & Sessions

30 mins

Get in touch to arrange a free introductory call to meet the trainer, learn about the business training and have your questions answered. We will review the coaching modules and outline the basic techniques and practice requirements, in a 30 minute call.


Business Course Rates per Course

4 Attendees
per course
$ 140 per person
5 Attendees
per course
$120 per person
6 Attendees
per course
$110 per person
7 Attendees
per course
$100 per person
8 Attendees
per course
$90 per person
9 Attendees
per course
$85 per person
10 Attendees
per course
$80 per person

Learn more about our training and coaching with a free introductory session. Drop us a a line for a chat.