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Stress Reduction & Management


Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Reduction

Stress is the modern pandemic. The complexity of modern life and an ever increasing speed of change are the challenges we all face in meeting each day. But sometimes we cannot meet the day, week or month, the needs outmatch our resources and we struggle to catch up, to equip ourselves with managing strategies that work.

In these cases, the gap between need or desire, and ability, manifests as stress, and stress, unrelieved and over time, becomes chronic, causing a wide array of physical and emotional fallout, blighting many life circumstances and putting undue and unwelcome strain on the sufferer.

Stress is a commonplace experience; crossing the road is stressful, starting a new job is stressful, but in most cases these are within our capabilities and we can see an end to the challenge. But sometimes, the strain does not end, some circumstances change and our abilities are taxed in the longer term, creating ongoing stress and challenge.

Mindfulness provides a number of techniques which positively impact our ability to withstand stress, as well as gain insights into the causes and solutions to long term stressful situations. The practice of mindfulness, specifically the ability to rest the mind away from the source of stress, relieves the symptoms, while the opportunity to reflect on our context and general circumstance, often leads to life changes which positively impact our experience.


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Managing Stress

Attention Building

naturally reduce stress by increasing attention and reducing the inner dialogue

Emotional Stamina

Create a firm foundation in equanimity to weather the push and pull of stress

Choiceless Awareness

Rise above the conflicting forces giving rise to your stress with simple sustained awareness 

Personal Insights

Mindfulness also opens the door to insights into our own patterns of behaviour and habits

Take back Control

You are not helpless in the face of life's circumstances, take back control with simple methods

Living in the Moment

Mindfulness strengthens our ability to savor the moment to moment experience

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Stress reduction is one of the most common causes for adoption of secular Mindfulness practice, and it can certainly have a positive long term impact of excess stress levels and the complexities and symptoms arising from a busy and overwhelming private and business life.

Stress is a universal experience and vital to maintain a balanced and focused response to the many challenges and opportunities of living. Unaddressed however, and left to grow without attention, excess  stress can create a wide array of negative physical and emotional affects. Mindfulness provides both the opportunity to enjoy periods of relaxation, as well as an opportunity to reflect on our values and mission in life.

Practicing and perfecting Mindfulness is a lifelong task, with the positive effects in direct proportion to the commitment and development of your own abilities. With perseverance and patience, the 2 main ingredients for successful Mindfulness training, you too will see positive change in your general demeanour, mood, and stress responses to your daily activity. We generally find students can feel positive impact over the course of 3 months or so of daily practice, sometimes shorter, occasionally longer.