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Personal Relationships


Mindfulness in Relationships

Whether personal relationships or business, romantic or platonic, familial or parental, the many and varied ways in which we relate to others is a key contributor to our happiness.

Mindfulness, by reducing the impact of the constant internal dialogue (usually a critic) and increasing the focus on the ongoing moment, introduces a number of positive benefits into the way we approach and experience our relationships with others.

By creating space between our experiences and reactions, we increase our capacity to evaluate our own and others’ behaviour before reacting, allowing more considered and positive options.

Living less in memory and distraction and more in the actual moment adds a sense of authenticity to your interactions with people, opening the door to joy and spontaneity.

As a Mindfulness practice develops and evolves over time, as you commit and persevere, so does the appreciation and patience you have for yourself develop. This sense of appreciation tends to be shared quite naturally.


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Our team of skilled Meditators will guide you, from first steps through to a routine daily mindfulness practice, bringing benefits across a wide range of mental, emotional and physical health domains, including interpersonal relationships in work and personal life.

Whether you are new to such practices or are a long time Mindfulness enthusiast, our coaching and trainings are crafted to enhance your overall well-being.

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August 2021
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Developing Relationships

Attention Building

naturally reduce stress by increasing attention and reducing the inner dialogue

Emotional Stamina

Create a firm foundation in equanimity to weather the push and pull of stress

Building Capacity

Increase long term stamina while enhancing existing skills and building new ones

Personal Insights

Mindfulness also opens the door to insights into our own patterns of behaviour and habits

Take back Control

You are not helpless in the face of life's circumstances, take back control with simple methods

Living in the Moment

Mindfulness strengthens our ability to savor the moment to moment experience

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The practice of Mindfulness brings increased awareness of the ongoing chatter and inner dialogue which consumes most of our waking time. As we develop patience with ourselves during the course of ongoing Mindfulness practice, this experience tends to be mirrored in our relationships. In addition, a general softening of hardened attitudes and loosening up of ingrained patterns of thought and feeling, often bring powerful changes to our relationships.

There is no need for both parties in a romantic relationship to attend mindfulness courses in order for positive changes to occur, though the experience will be more pronounced and clear over time between both.

There is now a large body of evidence for the positive outcomes of Mindfulness amongst children, from the perspective of alleviating specific issues and problems, to enhancing mood, wellbeing and/or performance. We do not currently offer Mindfulness training to children however as this requires specialists skills in education management for children. 

Relationships amongst co-workers are subject to the same stresses, strains and natural forces as any other types, and the outcomes of successful mid to long term practice in terms of increased patience and forbearance, higher tolerance, more selective reactions, and the development of a compassion for oneself and others, all result in the fostering of more positive and developmental relationships in the work place.