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Anxiety Management


Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness

Using Mindfulness for Anxiety is a drug free alternative to managing Anxiety disorder, providing tools to help sufferers of anxiety break out of the spiral of bleak foreboding which marks the condition. However do always bear in mind that Anxiety is a serious and debilitating condition and your MD should often be the first point of contact if you feel the onset of Anxiety.

Creating an intense feedback loop which grows and builds to a constant state of taut fear and anxious dread, anxiety is crippling, affecting all aspects of life. With attacks often coming out of the blue it leaves sufferers few options outside of medication to manage their own experience.

The simple act of maintaining focused awareness on something other that the experience of anxiety often gives immediate relief to some degree, and with practice, and with the mind focused elsewhere, the anxiety itself begins to fade in intensity, diminishing gradually as we develop stronger and more agile, conscious direction over our mental states.

This often leaves sufficient space in our experience to practice choiceless awareness, even allowing our minds to experience the anxiety itself, without the inevitable engagement which signals the spiralling absorption.

Mindfulness has a number of tools to help sufferers of Anxiety manage and ultimately resolve their conditions.


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Our team of skilled Meditators will guide you, from first steps through to a routine daily mindfulness practice, bringing benefits across a wide range of mental, emotional and physical health domains, including in managing Anxiety.

Whether you are new to such practices or are a long time Mindfulness enthusiast, our coaching and trainings are crafted to enhance your overall well-being.

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September 2021
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Manging Anxiety

Attention Training

Reduce the intensity of the Anxiety by learning to focus elsewhere

Emotional Stamina

Create a firm emotional foundation to weather the storms of anxiety

Choiceless Awareness

Learn not to respond and engage with the associated feelings of helplessness

Instant Response

With simple techniques, you can positively respond to attacks immediately 

Take back Control

Empower your own recovery by developing skills to combat anxiety

Living in the Moment

Mindfulness strengthens our ability to savor the moment to moment experience

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Mindfulness is not a replacement for clinical care and we would always recommend seeking professional medical assistance if deemed necessary. Mindfulness has proven itself to positively impact the frequency, duration and intensity of periods of Anxiety. Modern medical practitioners now routinely advise on adopting a Mindfulness practice to augment clinical support.

The causes and conditions which give rise to Panic attacks are varied and the exact mechanism not clearly understood. Consequently the various techniques to counter and manage their effects have varied efficacy. This includes Mindfulness, although longer term studies have shown direct correlation between frequency of Mindfulness practice and a decline in frequency of panic events.

Mindfulness is more effective when undertaken with a clear mind, unaffected by any sort of psycho active substances, however medication which manages your anxiety is a necessary expedient and mindfulness practice can take this into account during training and practice.