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Attention and Concentration


Developing Mindfulness for Attention

Mindfulness is often actually described as concentration, however we see a key difference between the two. Mindfulness is the state of ongoing self awareness which arises from extended relaxed concentration. 

Concentration is the technique which, when undertaken consciously and consistently, brings about a subtle long term shift in our ability to remain in the moment, without the usual distraction which typifies our mental activity. 

Like any skill, repetition improves performance, so the continual development of concentration, the development of conscious directed attention, will itself help develop and normalise this still. The result being your mind able to focus for extended periods, whether school or work tasks, or enjoying hobbies or free time.

This ability to concentrate, when the natural skill is developed, allows you to stay in the moment,  where true enjoyment and fulfilment exist. Outside of the moment is only memory and the distraction of the inner dialogue, all of which pleasures are simple reflections of the real fulfilment available only in now. Developing Mindfulness for attention is the means to improve concentration and benefit from its impact.

So Mindfulness brings a two-fold benefit to concentration and attention, helping to develop the skill itself, while the use of the skill is the means by which we develop stronger and deeper Mindfulness skills.


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Our team of skilled Meditators will guide you, from first steps through to a routine daily mindfulness practice, bringing benefits across a wide range of mental, emotional and physical health domains, though primarily the development of robust and prolonged attention and concentration skills.

Whether you are new to such practices or are a long time Mindfulness enthusiast, our coaching and trainings are crafted to enhance your overall well-being.

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September 2021
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Developing Concentration

Attention Building

naturally reduce stress by increasing attention and reducing the inner dialogue

Develop Concentration

Commit your mind to the tasks you choose and complete through reduced distraction

Choiceless Awareness

Rise above the conflicting forces creating stress with simple sustained awareness 

Personal Insights

Mindfulness also opens the door to insights into our own patterns of behaviour and habits

Take back Control

You are not helpless in the face of life's circumstances, take back control with simple methods

Living in the Moment

Mindfulness strengthens our ability to savor the moment to moment experience

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Attention and concentration are at the core of Mindfulness. They are the main factors to adopt and develop in order to progress in your practice. The techniques and methods are designed to develop and deepen skills in maintaining selecting mental focus, and later, in maintaining conscious awareness of the ongoing changes in your own mind.

As an adult, you certainly can. Specialists in ADHD may be able to assist children with Mindfulness practices and augment other cognitive practices, but for adults, the practice of mindfulness is a great tool to manage the racing mind. You may need to adopt additional preparatory practices such as calming the breath, but the actual process of mindfulness is the same.

From our experience everyone can be mindful, it comes more naturally to some than to others, at least in the formal setting. The reasons for this are not precise, it could be down to genetics, existing habits of mind, or belief systems about the self or the world. But everyone can learn.