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Mental Capacity & Performance


Mindfulness Techniques for Performance

A common outcome of Mindfulness practice is a sense of renewed ability and increase in capacity to deal with new challenges. Often practitioners are able to undertake new roles in work and meet the challenges of life changes with greater resources. 

Students are able to concentrate longer with grater focus, enabling them to parse more complex arguments and subjects.

Professionals are better equipped to deal with the complexities of the modern workplace, the relationships and challenges of fast moving and changing requirements, often with a newfound grace and determination.

Executives are enabled with new mental capacities skills to evaluate decisions and strategies with a clearer and more expansive internal image of the various forces and outcomes. Additionally, managing teams of disparate staff with differing needs becomes more challenge than chore.

Entrepreneurs and founders are equipped with all of the above, but also a critical ability to manage the inevitable stress and conflicts that come from attempting to bootstrap viable businesses.


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Our team of skilled Meditators will guide you, from first steps through to a routine daily mindfulness practice, bringing benefits across a wide range of mental, emotional and physical health domains, including performance and capacity building.

Whether you are new to such practices or are a long time Mindfulness enthusiast, our coaching and trainings are crafted to enhance your overall well-being.

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July 2021
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Developing Capacity

Attention Building

naturally reduce stress by increasing attention and reducing the inner dialogue

Emotional Stamina

Create a firm foundation in equanimity to weather the push and pull of stress

Building Capacity

Increase long term stamina while enhancing existing skills and building new ones

Personal Insights

Mindfulness also opens the door to insights into our own patterns of behaviour and habits

Take back Control

You are not helpless in the face of life's circumstances, take back control with simple methods

Living in the Moment

Mindfulness strengthens our ability to savor the moment to moment experience

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Some Further Reading


One's performance at the workplace or more generally in other spheres of life, is dependent on many factors such as motivation, study, innate capacity and reward (both literal and metaphoric). Mindfulness impacts each of these in different ways, by helping to clarify ones own motivations and assisting to focus the minds resources on those goals one aspires to.

Mindfulness for sportsmen and women is a rapidly growing speciality within the sporting world, with Mindfulness practices becoming a standard addition to a well rounded coaching program. However this is a specialist study which we do not offer at this time.

One experiences the outcomes of Mindfulness over a lifetime and it is not recommended to expect results within a certain timeframe, since this expectation itself may interrupt the development of an authentic Mindfulness practice. With commitment to a daily practice however we generally find students can feel positive impact in various areas of life from 3 months.

Increased or enhanced performance in general could be signified by longer attention span for current tasks, bringing greater attention to detail or creativity to tasks and activities, a greater feeling of engagement with the subject of your work, amongst other qualities.