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Mental and Emotional Stamina


Resilience Through Mindfulness

One of the great strengths a person can possess is the ability to maintain a calm consistency throughout life’s ups and downs. This emotional and mental stamina gives our living a constancy which is both magnetic and healing. Life may throw out challenges, or it may not; bereavement, trauma, change of fortunes, or the ennui of stasis and the fixity of no change. 

Through all of these Mindfulness is our common ally, maintaining  our clarity of mind, steadiness, and building a bold steadfastness which can guide us and lead us. The process of Mindfulness introduces us to our core consciousness which rises above the passing circumstances of our experiences, providing a calm centre.

By continually and repeatedly connecting to this core awareness through Mindfulness practice, we empower ourselves, finding balance, spaciousness and clarity. And as we continue to familiarize ourselves with the experience of being mindful, so we build a core strength and resilience which helps bring balance and firmness in our response and reaction to changing circumstances.


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Our team of skilled Meditators will guide you, from first steps through to a routine daily mindfulness practice, bringing benefits across a wide range of mental, emotional and physical health domains, and building emotional and mental stamina to weather the storms of living.

Whether you are new to such practices or are a long time Mindfulness enthusiast, our coaching and trainings are crafted to enhance your overall well-being.

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July 2021
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Building Emotional Resilience

Attention Building

naturally reduce stress by increasing attention and reducing the inner dialogue

Emotional Stamina

Create a firm foundation in equanimity to weather the push and pull of stress

Choiceless Awareness

Rise above the conflicting forces giving rise to your stress with simple sustained awareness 

Personal Insights

Mindfulness also opens the door to insights into our own patterns of behaviour and habits

Take back Control

You are not helpless in the face of life's circumstances, take back control with simple methods

Living in the Moment

Mindfulness strengthens our ability to savor the moment to moment experience

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Resilience and internal stamina are the results of an inner strength combined with an ability to always see the bigger picture. When combined with a positive and compassionate outlook you have a person who weathers the changes and shocks of living with grace and grit. Mindfulness practice teaches the techniques to differentiate yourself from negative feelings and our overactive minds, and when repeated consistently over time this results in a calm objectivity which sees our thoughts and feelings as the churning waters above a deep and still ocean.

Resilience is created as an outcome of consistent and repeated engagement with your own conscious attention. This process reduces our dependence and engagement with the constantly changing contents of our mind and emotion, bringing a much needed perspective and calm.

Mindfulness brings perspective and context. Mindfulness gradually shifts your conscious experience to the centre of your attention, displacing the constant barrage of inner noise and emotional stress and strain to the peripheries. You are the master of your own life and experience and Mindfulness incrementally brings you back into calm and clear focus. The result is emotional maturity and  and greater discernment, leading to better decision making.