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Benefits of Mindfulness


Learn about the Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

The impact and positive benefits of Mindfulness are now the subject of countless studies around the world, probing experience and analysing data to find definitive proofs of the positive outcomes which many of us experience daily, as longer term practitioners.

With perseverance these efforts will build a clear and reliable map of the many ways in which different personalities experience themselves and develop through Mindfulness practice, revealing I am sure a more complex inner landscape than many anticipate.

The positive changes which we are outlining below however, are generally agreed as being expectations on the path of Meditation to one degree or other, and cover a wide range of personal and clinical challenges, many of which will affect all of us at some point in our lives. Learning the Mndfulness toolkit and keeping your skills honed will amplify the positive and minimise the negative and allow you to accept challenging times with dignity and grace.

Brian Anderson Founder & Trainer
Training in Mindfulness
Benefits of Mindfulness