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One-to-one and Group Training in Mindfulness

One-to-one and Group Training in Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Training and Training

The cultivation of a reflective and pliable mind has been a key practice within the world’s spiritual traditions for millennia. It is generally known as ‘Contemplation’ within Christian traditions, ‘Muraqaba‘ within Islam and ‘Meditation’ within the many Buddhism and Hindu traditions, and while each have a wide array of methods, techniques and goals, mindfulness is at the core.

Mindfulness practice provides a wide array of therapeutic benefits, which individuals and business can use to create positive and beneficial change and development in their lives. The Mind Training Company provides this coaching and training.

Brian Anderson Founder & Lead Trainer
Training in Mindfulness
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Appointments are always required for training sessions, and we prefer to arrange introductory calls ahead of time, although we are able to discuss your questions and queries either through email or by phone.

Learning mindfulness is very simple, you can learn to practice in 10 minutes. Gaining sufficient skill to sustain a personal long term practice, and enjoy those benefits takes longer. Our Foundations course provides 4 sessions over 1 month, with daily practice undertaken in your own time, giving a firm basis for success.

We encourage all of our learners to have a free introductory call with us, where we can introduce ourselves and outline the course syllabus, the process and practices, and the commitment required by our students. Please contact us to arrange this call by clicking here.

many people come to Mindfulness as a solution to manage mental, emotional and/or physical issues, often being referred to this practice by health professionals as a supporting mechanism to clinical treatment. All such issues should be discussed in confidence and openly during an initial free consultation.


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    Our Mindfulness training is based on the union of modern research, and the Mindfulness traditions which form the core of the Buddhist path.



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