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Live online training and support to learn and develop an effective Mindfulness practice.

Learn Mindfulness at home on your own schedule

We are a small team of experienced meditators within the Buddhist tradition offering Mindfulness coaching to help students of all ages achieve mental and emotional equilibrium. We provide our services through remote video coaching with online classes for both group and private tutoring.

Simple Techniques

Our personal training gives you the tools to settle your mind and foster clarity and calm.

Flexible Scheduling

Mindfulness coaching is flexible and can be adapted around your own needs and schedule.

Ongoing Support

Breakthroughs come through consistent applied effort and practice, we are always here to help.


The Coach

I have been a student of contemplative religious practices since 1987. Becoming ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in 2000, I now teach secular Meditation and Mindfulness courses in Asia and Europe.

The Mindfulness Course

Our online Mindfulness course consists of 6 sessions over 6 or 12 weeks, taking students from their first introduction to Mindfulness, to competence and a regular practice.

Mindfulness Foundations

Over 6 sessions (undertaken during 6 or 12 weeks) we will introduce you to the basic techniques of Mindfulness and Meditation, taking you on a journey from developing focused attention, to maintaining a daily practice.

On the journey we will review the theory and context of what Mindfulness, and it's opposite, distraction and pre-occupation, and we will learn why Mindfulness, when practiced with diligence, leads to clarity of mind, calmness of the emotions and the quiet confidence of self-possession.

Course Types

The course is designed to fit an individuals specific interests and focus, while group courses for friends, family or colleagues offer more general and wide ranging syllabus.


Learning Mindfulness is very simple. That's the challenge. We're not used to simple, our minds are set to complex and busy by default. Our individual mindfulness training is the core of our service since it pays close attention to your experience and we adjust the coaching as a result.

The personalised guidance ensures you understand and experience the state of Mindfulness clearly and consistently, addressing concerns and experiences as they arise. The training is consistent and supportive, we're there to help you succeed and become a Mindful practitioner, with all of the resulting benefits.


Whether a business, a team of colleagues, friends, family or a special interest group, our group trainings will take you through a simple process of learning, practicing and mastering the art and science of harnessing your attention.

The training is customised to suit your group motivations and goals, though learner outcomes are centred around a state of natural ease, clarity and tranquillity which is the keynote of authentic Mindfulness practice.

Daily Practice Support

We also offer longer term daily join-in group sessions to support you in your practice. With a fixed daily timetable you can drop-in and out as needed to maintain a connection to the practice community and reinforce the creation of a positive Mindfulness practice habit.


The best intentions are sometimes not enough to keep us on the path of Mindfulness training. Between a busy work life and a hectic personal or family life, some good habits can drop by the wayside. Mindfulness, like any new skill, requires commitment and perseverance to learn and master.

Our drop-in sessions will help you maintain a regular appointment. They are fixed time daily group mindfulness sessions of up to 60 minutes and you are invited to participate at your convenience on any session throughout your subscription period.

Daily Schedule:

7am & 8pm : Indochina Time
8am & 9pm : Singapore Time
8am & 7pm : Eastern Standard Time
Midnight & Noon : Greenwich Mean Time


Costs depend on the number of participants on the course. Please use the calculator below to view expected costs.

Your Group
Mindfulness training with your friends, family or colleagues
  • Live video lessons
  • Experienced teacher
  • Up to 20 learners
  • Focus on group goals
  • 6 x Weekly or fortnightly sessions
  • Flexible scheduling
Personal coaching and mentoring in the practice of Mindfulness
  • Live video lessons
  • Experienced teacher
  • One-to-one attention
  • Focus on your achievement
  • 6 x Weekly or fortnightly sessions
  • Flexible scheduling
Drop-in Sessions
Join a group session to maintain your practice at your own schedule
  • Live video session
  • Low cost per session
  • Supports your commitment
  • Drop in timeslots daily
  • Experienced teacher
  • Ongoing subscription

Pricing Calculator

Conversations with Brian were both insightful and actionable. I wholeheartedly recommend Brian to anyone seeking a relatable meditation subject-matter expert.

Entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30

Brian gave me deep, lasting insights for my mindfulness practice that will benefit me for a lifetime. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking to start or deepen their Mindfulness practice.

Oswald Yeo
Entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30

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Please schedule a call to learn more about the training and about the trainer. This initial consultation is free of charge and is designed as a mutual introduction before committing to mindfulness courses or a series of sessions. Alternatively just drop us an email in the first instance.

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Buddhist Methods

Our basic techniques are rooted in authentic Buddhist methods, but with secular non-religious presentation.

Flexible & Online

Our Mindfulness courses are conducted through Zoom or Google Meet, at times and dates which you select.

Personal Support

Learning Mindfulness is like learning any new skill, it requires determination, patience and consistency.